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World Bank Support for Open Data 2012-2017

This report summarizes the World Bank’s activities to support the Open Data efforts of developing countries during the period 2012 - 2017. It is largely descriptive, but Chapter 4 includes key analysis and lessons learned. The main objectives of this report are to share information within the World Bank and with its partners and client countries, and to preserve the institutional memory and highlight the lessons learned as a way to improve the development effectiveness of Open Data.
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Open Data for Sustainable Development

This note was prepared by a World Bank Open Data team led by Oleg Petrov. The primary authors are Joel
Gurin and Laura Manley. It is based on extensive research by World Bank staff and consultants. It also builds
on the findings of the UN Data Revolution Report, “A World that Counts,” and the original research
performed by many other organizations. Thanks to colleagues within the World Bank and external experts
who have contributed to and commented on this paper in draft. We would like recognize the financial

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