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Lessons on supporting public sector open data leadership

As open data initiatives mature, we need a generation of entrepreneurial public sector leaders who are able to successfully navigate through reform, from early adoption to widescale implementation. This paper presents a summary of the lessons learned from the Open Data Institute’s experience supporting open data leaders around the world. We aim to help practitioners and researchers working in good governance and open data to understand effective techniques for building leadership capacity, particularly for implementing transformational reforms within government.
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The 2016 U.S. Open Data Roundtable: Recommendations from Data Providers and Users

Open data from government is free, publicly available data that anyone can use and republish. This valuable public resource has helped citizens find better value for college, fair housing, and safer medicines. In addition, it helps government agencies operate more efficiently, share information, and engage the citizens they serve.
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Open Data Maturity in Europe 2016

This report is the second in a series of annual studies and explores the level of Open Data Maturity in the EU28 and Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – referred to as EU28+. The measurement is built on two key indicators Open Data Readiness and Portal Maturity, thereby covering the level of development of national activities promoting Open Data as well as the level of development of national portals. In 2016, with a 28.6% increase compared to 2015, the EU28+ countries completed over 55% of their Open Data journey showing that, by 2016, a majority of the EU28+ countries have successfully
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Open Data: A 21st Century Asset for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Although we live in a data age, much information has until recently been privately held and access to it has been restricted. This is starting to change, however, with the rise of the open and shared data movement. Increasingly, it is clear that we are entering a new era of access, innovation, and transparency. Today, it is widely held that open and shared data has the power to fuel economic growth, job creation, and new business opportunities. The consulting firm McKinsey predicted the possible global value of open data to be over $3 trillion annually.

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Open Data Impact: When Demand and Supply Meet

Recent years have witnessed considerable enthusiasm over open data. Several studies have documented its potential to spur economic innovation and social transformation, and to usher in fresh forms of political and government accountability. Yet for all the enthusiasm, we know little about how open data actually works, and what forms of impact it is really having. This report seeks to remedy that informational shortcoming. Supported by Omidyar Network, the GovLab has conducted 19 detailed case studies of open data projects around the world.

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