Connecting the Dots: Building the Case for Open Data to Fight Corruption

In 2015 the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group prepared a set of Open Data Principles, which was subsequently adopted by G20 countries. Since that time, efforts to promote digitalisation in government and greater public access to and use of data have expanded dramatically. This set of five country studies sets out to establish whether G20 governments have followed the principles they put in place on open data, the aim of which is to drive them towards fulfilling their anti-corruption pledges. CONTENTS Preface 4 Exeutive Summary 5 Building the Case: Linking Up Open Data and Anti-Corruption 7
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G20 Anti-Corruption Open Data Principles

In 2014, the G20’s Anti-corruption Working Group (ACWG) established open data as one of the issues that merit particular attention in the promotion of public sector transparency and integrity priority area. In this regard, the development of the G20 Open Data Principles by the Anti-corruption Working Group has been identified as a first step towards leveraging open data as a crucial tool to enable a culture of transparency, accountability and access to information as efforts to prevent corruption. These Principles have been developed considering international standards, good practices and
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