Welcome to Open Data portal of the Russian Federation!

It spends a significant part of the budget on the formation of state information resources every year. Information gathered and formed numerous work of civil servants after the intended use in public administration with a few exceptions involved in public use.

Details are slowly becoming obsolete, losing their value.

Being published in a timely manner, such information could serve for a society, becoming a valuable commodity for the economy, science and technology, driving the creation of new services, making reasonable life choices of citizens.

The value of public information was extremely low until recently.

The situation with the public data in Russia has changed radically in a relatively short time. Neither the state nor society is not willing to put up government data with a low efficiency today:

  • It recognizes the relevance of the problem of increasing "efficiency" of public information at the state level;
  • It formed and consistently implements the state policy in the field of publishing open public data;
  • It adopted key legal acts obliging public authorities to disclose information in the form of unrestricted dissemination of public data;
  • It developed public information technology infrastructure of public data;
  • It gradually formed culture and ecosystem of open data.

Open Data portal of the Russian Federation - is one of the key instruments of state policy in the field of open data, which plays the role of a backbone element, the core of open data ecosystem of the Russian Federation.

Here, the most relevant information focused on open government data, links and published datasets as well as metadata, information created on the basis of open data software products and information services. Here are published normative legal acts determining the legal basis for the disclosure of information, methodical and journalistic resources. It also implemented communication interfaces for interaction with public authorities, in their capacity as owners of socially important information.

The main features of the open data portal are:

the possibility of selection and search sets of public data through search of keywords;

opportunity to get acquainted with the contents of passports and open datasets without downloading them;

  • the possibility of rapid data visualization with charting, graphing and displaying map data;
  • the ability to automatically load the current set of open data from websites of public authorities;
  • the opportunity to participate in public-civil dialogue to identify priorities in the disclosure process;
  • the possibility of placing datasets and links to datasets on the official websites of state bodies and organizations (including - commercial);
  • the possibility of certification of the datasets and the transformation of data formats in the "open formats";
  • the possibility of implementing requests to the API data sources.

Current status of open data portal of the Russian Federation - beta version, which implies the willingness of developers to respond quickly to constructive comments and wishes of visitors.

We would like to gather comments, suggestions and recommendations for improving the Portal to eliminate obvious shortcomings and create the path for further development of the Portal.

We sincerely hope that the portal will be able to unite people interested in building, development and implementation of the socio-economic potential of open government data.

Dear users, we ask you to be tolerant of our efforts to improve the portal and to support us in this work!


Open data portal Team.